Invitation. Please Come In.

Come again, another year,

unfold your days

and leave a crease in each one.


Come again, another love,

lift your eyes

and cut tenderly our space.


Come again, Good God,

comb mercy through

our tangled ways.


Come again, breath stroke,

breathe in grace,

and exhale compassion.


Come again wholeness,

and bend low

in the present tense.


Come again Jesus,

even so come.



Stream of Unconsciousness

“You don’t know

what you don’t know.”


Walking around half awake

with no thought of the other half.


Little secrets spoken so soft,

so long ago, even the whisper’s


faded into white noise

of unnoticed.


There’s always a dark side

of the moon


even when it is full of itself.


Psalm 139, the hope of being known, the hope of knowing.

“Kicking at the darkness ’til it bleeds daylight.” Bruce Cockburn

Emotional Condensation. A poem about forgiving.

Repress and ignore feelings,
and false ignorance frosts.

Set them cold on the windowsill
and unlock.

Pry the pane and pray
breath brushes the opening.

The mold on the ceiling
testify against the you and me
of us. Not today.

A rise of beads down the wall,
frost transformed and tepid like tears.

We lean against the condensation
of forgiveness.