Check Your Drawers. Clutter. Chaos.

(No, this isn’t my desk.)

What do you call the gold thing you put through two paper holes to attach them? First you thread it through and then you bend two ends in opposite directions to secure the papers. Cotter pin for paper? Anyway I found one of these when clearing my desk turned into a mid summers night clean. Every drawer, every tray in every drawer was rifled through like a detective. A million thousand receipts were thrown in the circular file. Copies of the same bill after months of ignoring or misplacing a creditors edict were torn and tossed.

Found were pictures and cards, pictures in cards, and the last two dollar bill I received on my birthday this year. Christmas family photos from friends were underneath the pencil tray. Sorry. Gold and silver Years-of-Service lapel pins still in the box pinned to foam. (I have only two lapels on which to place them when I go to a wedding or a funeral.)

One drawer filled with reading glasses and cases would gain me a lapel pin from the Lions club for a record donation gift.

Another drawer held pipe tobacco and incense. The smell of unlit bags of burl brought up an array of memories all jumbled together. Fond memories. I wondered if they make a candle aroma of North Sea flavored pipe tobacco.

The pencil drawer was a poster child of junk drawers. There were pencils and pens and fat markers filling the multiple trays. Dust in every corner. Shavings and shards of notes. A plethora of note pads and sticky florescent squares. More receipts, and business cards for Mariachi bands, and mail-order fudge Indiana, and a slew of insurance agents. The plastic disks from the toy gun I got for Christmas, one red and one yellow.

I got it done and sat for a moment and enjoyed a clean working space. Do you know the feeling? I know it like a straightened sock and underwear drawer every three months or so.

I wonder how many drawers of my mind need de-cluttering? Thoughts strewn like so many receipts give me cranial paper cuts.