About this blog and me.

If you need a break from a busy world and could use a shot of poetry, welcome. If you need a story to help you make sense of your own, welcome. If you could use a bit of spiritual cream in your coffee, stir and sip.

I’m Gerald Barrett, but Jerry is way okay. I am a fifty something who has messed, wrung, twisted, slanted, irritated, and chewed on words since high school. I find writing to be a spiritual, intellectual endeavor as a way to authenticate the gift of existence and community.

The posts found in this blog are translations of a greater Poet and Story Teller, God. As Wendell Berry so aptly expressed in his poem Thirty More Years:

When I was a young man,
grown up at last, how large
I seemed to myself! I was a tree,
tall already, and what I had not
yet reached, I would yet grow
to reach. Now, thirty more years
added on, I have reached much
I did not expect, in a direction
unexpected. I am growing downward,
smaller, one among the grasses.

From Entries by Wendell Berry

I have much to learn about writing and interpreting this world which seems larger and larger the older I get. Much of what I write about is observations of nature and its clues to a poet/story teller behind it. Human nature is included in the theme of this blog as well. I believe in God and hold to the claims of the Christian faith. So behind the words I write is an attitude of pointing to God and saying, “You started it!”

I feel is if I am only a translator (A feeble one) of the Greatest Artist. God has given over and again and supplied me with senses to receive those gifts. As I grow in being a humble blade of grass every God-gift grows larger in perspective and I am thankful.

I will post two to three times every week. If you like what you find here subscribe to my blog and every time I post you will get it in your e-mail.

Now, about me…
I am number eight out of ten children my mother birthed. I have three brothers and six sisters.
I am married 27 years to Barbara.
We are the parents of twelve children…that’s right, twelve. We have four biological children and adopted two sibling groups of four children. And if you were wondering, it isn’t cheaper by the dozen.
I have been making deliveries for UPS in south western Michigan for twenty five years.
I am currently working on publishing a memoir about the last two years of my mother’s life.
I am a member of Word Weavers. I am a co-founder of Kalamazoo Christian Writers critique group.
I have attended Calvin Colleges Festival of Faith and Writing several times, and attended Breathe Christian Writers conference as well.

I like peanut butter.


  1. What a wonderful “about” page. I’ve signed up for emails. I am a fan. Your poetry makes me want to read more poetry. Maybe even try my hand at it, at some point.

  2. I, also, like peanut butter – and your new site, too!

  3. Can you put an email sign-up widget on your page? Then I could get emails when you have a new post. 🙂

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