Invitation. Please Come In.

Come again, another year,

unfold your days

and leave a crease in each one.


Come again, another love,

lift your eyes

and cut tenderly our space.


Come again, Good God,

comb mercy through

our tangled ways.


Come again, breath stroke,

breathe in grace,

and exhale compassion.


Come again wholeness,

and bend low

in the present tense.


Come again Jesus,

even so come.




  1. Yes.

    Happy New Year, Jerry. May the coming days hold many holy moments and sweet surprises.

  2. So much hope…. Beautiful

  3. Love this…Happy New Year to you and Babara. You’ve blessed me once again.

  4. Jerry, I love the line: “comb mercy through our tangled ways.”

    Way to speak truth!

  5. beautiful

  6. combing mercy through our tangled ways…oh yes that is what he does in his awesomeness… happy new year jerry!

  7. hope you’re doing well sir jerry… smiles

    • Yes, been experiencing some dips in life, as all do at times. Keeping at the writing thing, just not posting much. I’ll be back soon to share with the world again. Smiles back to you!

  8. thanks C! Cheers!

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