Broad Shoulders. Thank a Vet Today!

My Uncle Robert died in WWII.

He went down with his plane over Europe.

He couldn’t get through the escape hatch.

His shoulders were too broad.


I salute all the men and women veterans today

whose broad shoulders have served our freedom.

My Uncle is not in the picture above, but he probably was in a crew like this one.



  1. Thank you, Uncle Robert. And also Aunt Pat and Uncle Mike and all of our other servicemen and women.

  2. Beautiful imagery, Jerry. Yes, a big thank you to Uncle Robert. These men and women give in ways we will never understand.

  3. Thank you, Jerry, for this reminder and for the tribute to your uncle. The life we enjoy today in the United States is because of people like him.

  4. I was recently talking with Pat and how it would have been wonderful to know Uncle Robert.

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