Psalm 12

Is it possible to see only you?

Is there a way to hear only your voice

under all the clamor and cymbals?


When will the solid things give way?

How will five senses be divided evenly?

Will a hug be the last thing to feel?


For now, O Lord, I long for your embrace,

better yet, your arm around my shoulder.

I yearn for the intimacy of first things,


before I dabbled in the impossible,

before I considered everyone’s

motivations but my own.


I lived beside myself, then by myself,

and you, without saying a word,

spoke to me above the din.


I have ears. Let me hear.


I started writing a psalm almost every day before I write about this, that, and the other thing. I am inspired by Nicholas Samaras’ book of poetry American Psalm, World Psalm. I read one of his personal psalms every morning.


  1. Great, Jerry.

  2. Thank you Wanda for your steadfast readership. I hope all is well with you and you are exercising your writing talent!

  3. Jerry, I love this idea of writing a personal psalm. I’m going to check into Samaras’ book and try it myself, I think. Soon, very soon.

  4. I never thought of writing my own psalm.

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