Digress, Die!

I want to keep distance.

Stiff arm the collective

and wave you over for tea.


I want exclusive and inclusive

to come out on the floor

and step into a rhythm.


I want it both ways.

Doesn’t everyone secretly

want their cake and…


I’m sure Theo is logical

and offers tea and cakes.

Why wouldn’t he?


When more than one you

shows up for the discussion

my neck starts hurting


from the back and forth

discussion of true

spirituality between you.


Fear has closed my mouth

and you two rattle on

in front of my indecision.


You can’t make this horse drink.

Behind your backs, though,

I take sips of this and that.


I sit in a silent slice of hope

that Theo will moderate

the mystery of love.


  1. rocksand5 says:

    So far I’ve read it 3 times and gleaned something different each time. I really like it and will save for more contemplation. Favorite line? Behind your back’s though, I take sips of this and that.

  2. theo/logical – ha – great word play – and some of those that discuss and discuss and discuss theology in all details need to be careful not to forget the most important – the mystery of love indeed

  3. True spirituality. Now there’s a mystery. Does Theo let us have the cake and eat it too? Depends on who’s discussing, I guess. That’s always the rub with the mysteries. I just came over from your old place and read your poem for Nathan. Makes me want to read Walden again, Jerry.

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