Head In The Clouds

Sure, I can look for hand holds in the clouds

and make my way up the cold front crags.

No safety ropes, no titanium pegs.

Bare hands and lofty dreams

I make my ascent.

Half way up

I am stilted

by shadows coursing

the meadow I used to lie in,

hands behind my head

eyes grazing on the

cumulus mountains

on which I now cling.



  1. i love cloud watching and discover all the dragons and birds and big fish and whatever travels the sky… i never thought about climbing up…think i prefer that place on the meadow…just watching and dreaming… smiles…happy saturday!!

  2. rocksand5 says:

    I have taken many pictures of things I see in clouds. Last week my FB cover photo was of a cloud airplane.
    Is it scary to cling to a cloud, or exhilarating?

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