What Inspires You? Who Inspires You?

I knew what I missed yesterday morning. At the last minute I walked out into the amphitheater to catch the noise of nature before leaving for work. Last night I looked to see the forecast for this morning. Sixties and clear.

I forced myself up and slid onto the deck.

Six fifteen and the chatter of integrated birds made my heart grin. A light breeze queued up the sound of waves in the upper shelves of the row of poplars at the back of the field.

I brought a short stack of books but left it lie for a while. I caught my breath like an inhaled prayer and gave my thoughts to a quiet God.

Then a still small voice.

“You caught it. Your breath. I inspire you. There is nothing that I have not given you. Even the nothing before anything was…yes, all original. Even the spaces between the nothings, the darkness, and when it is so quiet the ringing in your ears rises to the surface, I Am.”

Thank You.



  1. Great post, Jerry. Very descriptive, I could picture myself there listening to the birds chattering.

  2. what a holy moment… i love to get up early when everything’s still quiet… i often don’t take enough time to really listen… i should…it’s so worth it…

  3. rocksand5 says:

    I’m so glad you experienced this wonder, and generously shared it with us. Thanks.

  4. This is so powerful. No more words can express the unexpressable emotion I feel when reading your inspiration. love

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