Down To Earth

I’ve been looking for a local prayer,

one you would find on the bench

outside of a barber shop in the fifties.


I used to pray these long liturgical

sermons which started in Kalamazoo

and ended in Timbuktu.


Does God need a preaching to?

Is the back pew large enough for

Him to lay down and nap?


I need a down to earth prayer.

I know God came down here before.

How about a single syllable summons.




  1. I think it reasonable to assume that the God who desires our salvation (1 Tm 2:4) likes the simple petition “Help”; and from those to whom He has given a greater gift of faith He likes the affirmation “Thy will be done.” God bless!

  2. Well said!

    And when we can’t even squeeze out “Help,” we just groan, and that’s enough, too!

  3. smiling at the idea of god napping on a church bench…ha.. and yes.. i need those down to earth prayers as well…

  4. Help is a great prayer. I’ve uttered it many times.

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