How To Wake Your Muse, Not Abuse Your Snooze

Do you know what I like about my alarm?

The snooze button. I know I have posted on this joy in my life before. It’s nothing to be proud of I realize. Slapping it down is simply another creative way to procrastinate. I must rise eventually, shine or not.

Do you jump out of bed immediately as if the alarm was Gunny Sergeant Hartman, from the Full Metal Jacket movie, degrading you with his bull horn voice?

I attempt to be up at 5:30 every day to read, write, and listen for a Still Small Voice.

I heard one trick of waking your writing muse up is hold something in your hand, keys, a glass, or a set of jacks, and allow yourself to fall asleep. When you nod off your hand releases and the crash on the floor startles you awake. With your pen and paper beside you write, write right away, and write whatever is rattling in your mind.

Some writers keep a journal on their night stand in a ready ready position should they wake unexpectantly. I am going to try this. Whether it’s Buford having to pee at 12:30a.m. or me having to pee at 2:00a.m. my journal will be curled up next to me. In the morning, instead of hitting the procrastination button, I will pick up the pen before I yawn, stretch or wipe the sleep from my eyes. “Yeah, right.” So says my Muse. She knows me well. Listen sister, I have a ‘will’ and Will and I will make our stand by the night stand. So there!

Do you write? What are the first thoughts of your day? Do you have a journal? Have you been introduced to your Muse yet?

Sgt. Hartman

Don’t let him intimidate you. Intimidation and motivation are two different animals. Sir, yes sir.


  1. My snooze button helps me cope with getting up. Great Post, Jerry. I have notebooks around the house….I need to use them more.

  2. I once jotted a quick note of a brilliant thought I had in the middle of the night — and the next morning it made no sense whatsoever. I hope you have a better result!

  3. smiles… i never write in bed usually…. and i always jump out of bed when my iphone plays the first saxo tunes of “faith” by joshua redman…

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