Por Favor. Favor as a cultural word.

Favor. Someone used the word favor again. God grants favor. I suppose I need to study it a bit because I don’t get the way some pockets of the Christian faith fling it around. Maybe its my aversion to the faith’s colloquialisms which sets this word aside in search of a different one. I’m sure its biblical and all but sometimes favor comes off as an entitlement mentality.

Perhaps its my laid back approach to God and life in general which shade in the colorful aspects of words like these. My use of the word would be more utilitarian and embedded in a question. “Uh, God would you do me a favor?”  Favor as a precursor to what God might choose to do if I asked nicely like my Mom instructed me to do.

God has already done so many favors for me. My response: Hands folded, bowing over and over again while taking little steps backward. “Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.” Stating “favor!” is not my style. I hope God understands and my brothers and sisters in the faith do too.


  1. Jerry, you made me curious, so I had to check.

    According to BibleGateway.com, the word “favor” occurs 125 times in the Bible (the NIV version). That will make for quite a word study!

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