Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There.

Stare at the ants like a slug.
Stop matching socks.
Don’t even intend to floss.
Don’t move.
Stand perfectly still
like a pillar of salt.
Mark all e-mails as read
and stand.

Set both feet
over the X marked spot.
Leave the shoe untied.
Allow your ego to try
to add height to your stature.
Think tall, stand tall,
don’t move at all.
The moss will grow on one side.

Your shadow will do the walking
under the sun,
under the sun.
It will be the long
and the short of it
under the sun.

I stood around this morning. No words. Reading was awash. Ho-hum. Ever find yourself there?

Sometimes a break is needed to review. Some breaks are planned. Some are a surprise. I am on vacation this week and part of the plan is to get more writing done. Yesterday, my wife and children took off for co-op school stuff and I stayed home to pluck away. I settled into a groove and words flowed.

I met with a writer friend for a coffee break and we filled in each other on our latest projects. We admitted to each other the emotional struggles and discouragements of writing. Encouragement also threaded into the conversation.

Then another writer friend offered some tough advice. The good kind of tough. A tough that got knocked me a bit off balance. The intent wasn‘t to knock me out or down for the count but to show me how to square my feet and stay in the fight. Writing is a fight you say? Isn’t anything which has the potential for growth a fight? Isn’t anything that adds value
to the world tested and resisted?
Stephen Pressfield in his books “The War of Art” and its sidekick book “Do The Work” he talks about resistance. Resistance comes anytime we set ourselves to a worthy task. It is subtle and sneaky. It will pull and pull until you act like an A.D.D. person on steroids. Call it the devil. Call it doubt. Call it fear. It will come up against anyone with ideas which add value to the world around them.

The poem above is a tongue-in-cheek stop-gap suggestion. The last stanza focuses on how miniscule our lives really are under the sun. If we remain perfectly still, even our shadows stroll around a bit. But weren’t we made for more?

By God’s power, grace, and design we can fight the resistance and make a difference.

Are you in the fight? What ways do you fight the “resistance?”

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