A Toast to Life. When Situations Pop Up.

“Don’t move. Wait right there and when they pop up immediately slather butter on them,” I instructed Cecily a few days ago.

Butter is for melting, especially on dry toast. The butter needs to melt fast and run deep into the porous surface. This morning the butter for my toast was as hard as marble. I stood guard as the wires inside of the toaster glowed. As soon as the pieces resurrected I laid them on a plate, grabbed the stick of butter like a pencil, and rubbed the end like an eraser. The white/yellow scraps disappeared and the toast glowed all greasy. Perfecto.

Life feels like dry toast lately and the butter is frozen. Sure seems like situations are taken one crusty bite at a time and hard to swallow. In our house situations pop up like toast all the time. Often I am not there to apply the butter before the pieces cool. That’s a good thing, because I would be rubbing the frozen butter on the toast situation like a cheese grater and slivers would be everywhere. What a mess. Barbara spreads the butter while I am off working and I hear about the toast in the evening.

I am on a huge learning curve when it comes to conflict resolution or situational situations. My answer would be to avoid the stick altogether. Buy spreadable margarine for crying out loud (We only use real butter now). Or better yet, let’s have oatmeal instead.

Occasionally I engage and the butter melts and the situation is glowing like grease and easier to swallow. Most of the time Barbara is on it and her experience is evident. What I have learned can be accredited to observation and coaching from her.

The ideal would be to always have room temperature butter. Yielding yellowness on the ready to soften what pops up around here. We need a greasy grace to slather over situations.

God help us to be ready to make a toast. Cheers!

This is the way, see the melted majesty?



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